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You Won’t Want to Leave Agistri, Greece – Among the Best Greek Islands to Visit

best greek islands to visit

When I think about the best greek islands to visit, I’ve never heard of Agistri before. In fact, after surveying several friends, it’s not a place anyone had really heard of before. When my sister and I decided to take a long-overdue trip together, we narrowed down our choices to Greece as neither of us had been before.

Exploring the Greek Islands for your summer holiday is a popular choice. With thousands of islands attracting millions of visitors each year, I was convinced I could find something less touristy to enjoy with my sister this summer. Santorini seems to be on everyone’s bucket list. Other popular islands including Rhodes, Crete, and Corfu all seem beautiful. With so many choices, we did some asking around and research. Right around the same time, a close friend was about to take a detour from Athens to Agistri (for similar reasons) in the next few months. Perfect timing. Hearing her experience confirmed that Agistri would be a great choice and so off to planning, we went.

I will give all the details for a visit in an upcoming post. For now, I wanted to share some photos of the magical island, its incredible crystal clear water and to die for sunsets. It was just what I wanted and needed for my first week-long vacation kid-free in 8 years! Honestly, I’m convinced it’s one of the best greek islands to visit – take me back…

If you find yourself googling “best Greek islands to visit” like I did and searching for something off the beaten path like I usually do, please consider a visit to Agistri. Just a quick hour-long ferry from Athens, it’s the perfect little gem to spend a peaceful holiday in the sun.

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agistri sunset
best greek islands to visit
best greek islands to visit
best greek islands to visit
agistri sunset cafe
best greek islands to visit
sailboat agistri
agistri clear water
agistri umbrellas

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