Katie Gustafson

Katie Gustafson

Katie is a travel blogger, originally from upstate New York, USA, now an expat, living with her partner and three kids in London, UK.

Always with an adventurous spirit and unparalleled curiosity for travel, different places, and people, Katie’s desire to live abroad became a reality in 2014.  Since then, Katie and partner, Seth, have lived in 4 countries and have three kids, each born in a different country.  Together, they’ve traveled to 25+ countries and counting, kids along for the adventure.

Katie has been writing this blog in her head for at least 10 years and Fromthreecities was finally born after the arrival of their third child.  Katie started this blog to share her love of living in new places and family travels, even through the chaos,  hoping to inspire other families to take the leap and help empower women to take a step to follow their own passion, even amidst the good, the bad and the ugly of raising young kids.