So you’re ready to get your first family house sitting job. You’ve joined Trusted Housesitters or something similar so what’s next?

1 – Create a Fabulous Profile

First, you have to create your profile. Be sure to add and complete all or most of the sections they suggest. We’ve done all of them, except a video. Find a mix of photos to use where you look happy and friendly. Perhaps include a photo of you with your own animals or other animals you’ve housesat and a photo of you traveling. Use colorful photos where your whole family is smiling. Answer the questions in 1-3 brief sentences, be positive and don’t overthink your answers. Just write something down.

2 – Start Searching for a House Sitting Job

At first and in general, the less picky you are, the more likely you’ll be to get a sit. I usually narrow down my dates with 7+- day flexibility on both ends if possible or if open to a random weekend, I don’t narrow it down at all. I always check “Family-friendly places” and “High-speed WiFi homes” as both are imperative for us because we’re only looking for a family housesit and we both need the ability to work remotely from the house or flat.

3 – Be Open-Minded

Click on every possible housesit that matches your dates and is in the right area of the world for you. I like to right-click as I scroll and open each sit in its own tab until I get through the list. Then, I go back through and take a closer look.

4 – Investigate Each Opening

Read carefully through the entire listing. Look at the details about the home, the pictures, the pets, the area, etc. Read all the reviews. If it looks like a good fit, move on to apply. The more flexible you are, the more likely you’ll get a sit.

5 – Apply With a Message

Give a brief and friendly hello describing you in 1 sentence and expressing your interest in helping with the sit. Compliment something on their profile – adorable dog, lovely home, etc. Give them peace of mind about you by quickly mentioning your experience. If you’ve never housesat on the website before, do what we did and link to another one of your profiles. We have a stellar Airbnb profile with lots of positive reviews. We link to it in our profile and in each Trusted Housesitters message we send for peace of mind. Apply to as many as are a good fit for you and your family.

6 – Have a Skype Call

Sometimes people want to have a Skype call or similar to meet you. If this is the case, don’t worry. Be friendly and enthusiastic. Look decent. Treat it like a laid back job interview.

7 – You’ve Been Selected!

Once a sit is confirmed, you’re committed. That means you can message the other possibilities with a thank you, but you’ve committed to another house sitting job at this time. Maybe you’d love to help them out in the future? Always right a quick and friendly thank you note and mention you’d love to help them out in the future.

8 – Prepare Ahead of Time

Communicate frequently before the house sit. Request a welcome guide ahead of time (in the app or on-site). Offer your phone number to communicate ahead of time and during the sit. The time has come. Go slay your first house sitting job. Enjoy!

After the Fact: Leave a Review

If all went well, be sure to request a review (on the app or site) and leave a review in return.

You’ve done it! You got your first family house sitting job in the books. Rinse and repeat for your next sit!

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